Friday, March 7, 2014

Fun Friday: Phone Dump {Week of 3/1-3/7}

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!! Oh and Momma got her hair done! I am slowly making my way back to Blonde! :)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Family Fun: 25 Days of Christmas - Days 13 & 14 {Christmas Cookies and Build A Bear}

Today's Christmas activity was very low key. Cause Momma is tired. Very. Tired. Haha. So the the girls got to examine all the cookies I brought home from the Lawson Cookie exchange and choose a few to try!

We also got to check out our new wreath that my friend Becki made me. She did a beautiful job. I LOVE IT!

The following night our Christmas activity was Build A Bear. One of my favorite Holiday traditions is coming here and choosing two of their select Christmas "Bears". So far we own The Grinch, The Elf on the Shelf, Rudolph and Clarice. I wanted to add Santa and Frosty to our collection this year so bad! I was so excited...

Here they are! Our new additions! The Mouse from Twas the Night Before Christmas and Frosty.

Birth Certificates with Daddy

I wish I could say it was fun, but it wasn't. For the 2nd straight year we made it clear we were going ONLY to get one of the Christmas "Bears" since every year they release special ones.My kids decided to throw a hugely ungrateful fit because I would not get them a pug and a polar bear. We almost left before they saw the error of their way (and were threatened with getting NOTHING). So unfortunately it left a bad taste in  my mouth again, and we decided not to do it again next year. If they don't appreciate it, they don't deserve it.

The Christmas Tree at the Mall

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Family Fun: 25 Days of Christmas - Days 11 & 12 {Christmas Lights and Cookie Night}

Tonight after bath time we got on our jammies and headed out to look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood. The kids were moody and grumpy and bickering in the car the entire time. Joy to the world haha. And neither of them wanted their picture taken.

The next night the girls helped me get ready for my Lawson Cookie Exchange. We baked sugar cookies with peppermint Hersheys kisses.

They grabbed some of the toilet paper our Elf had put on the Christmas tree and made tails for themselves.

Check out our finished masterpieces!

It was really fun and they were actually able to HELP me and not slow me down this year :) And they were very willing taste testers too.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Family Fun: 25 Days of Christmas - Days 9 & 10 {Gingerbread House and Paper Snowflakes}

Tonight our Christmas activity was to make our annual Gingerbread house. We love this activity every year. And every year too much candy makes it into their mouths and NOT onto our house ha ha.

This year to save time we chose a pre-fab house. Worked perfect!

Mommy helping to Frost the roof

The girls working hard on eating placing candy on the house ;)

Having fun!

We had fun and they were very proud of it :)

The next night our Christmas activity was to make paper snowflakes.

So fun!